Makerspace Operations Manager

Position ID: 2016-002
Position Title: Makerspace Operations Manager

Company: Different Products
Division: Educational & Vocational Services
Reports to: Director, Robotics Garage
Terms: Full-Time

Compensation: Commensurate with education, skills and experience.
Experience: Two (2) years of in/formal education delivery (or equivalent)
Education: BA or better in appropriate field (or equivalent)
Apply To:

The mission of the Educational & Vocational Services Division is to create collaborative pathways between our organization and other institutions, including the Public to help create a continuum of sustainable programs, identify, integrate and promote best practices, develop local, national and international partnerships and leverage opportunities to foster a healthy and vibrant Innovation Ecosystem for our Society and the World.

The Educational & Vocational Services Division of Different Products strategizes, develops and delivers innovative products, programs and services that provide support to students and teachers, reaches out to underserved audiences, increases science awareness, excitement and interest in learners of all ages and advances our commitment to rigor, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Oversee the implementation and growth of the Robotics Garage, a venue dedicated to participatory processes of making, tinkering and exploring STEM content through hands-on approaches to robotics. The Maker Space Weekday Coordinator will be responsible for developing and delivering innovative maker programming, training and supervising Maker Space staff and maintaining the Maker Space activity area.

Principal Responsibilities:
1. Coordinate all aspects of workshops in Maker Space including development, implementation and training staff and out of school time programs.
2. Collaborate with staff and outside partners to create maker related programming and develop Maker Space.
3. Supervise, train and schedule Maker Space staff to facilitate programs.
4. Assist in maintaining budgets, reports, and statistics that correspond to Maker Space and attend meetings and conferences to increase public awareness.
5. Research, develop and prototype innovative maker activities and maintain all Maker Space materials, tools and equipment including hardware and software.
6. Complete other tasks as assigned by the Director, Robotics Garage.

• Commitment to the philosophy and mission of the Robotics Garage.
• Passion and knowledge about the use of technologies to support creative, engaged learning. Experience developing innovative and novel content.
• An experienced practitioner and mentor in the making processes.
• Able to get ideas accepted and guide matters to accomplishing tasks.
• Work with teams to harness creativity and translate it into effective experiences.
• Effective collaborator, coordinator, team builder, and mentor and who is skilled at leveraging the talents of others and solving problems.
• Strong communications skills (English, Cantonese, Putonghua) with the ability to clearly express ideas in written and oral form.
• Capable of generating graphic design to support social media initiatives.
• Comfortable with a hands on approach, particularly an ability to improvise with audiences of varied ages, the use of hand tools, electronics, computer software, hardware and various other technologies
• Interest/abilities in physical computing, open source hardware and software, video and audio production, and desktop fabrication.

• Able and willing to participate in events falling outside of regular schedules.
• Must be available to work evenings and weekends if required.